The TETS Symposium is a biennial forum where the United States' turbine engine community gathers to review and discuss the latest turbine engine technology advances.  The Symposium draws an audience of approximately 1000 engineers, scientists, managers, and operational personnel from throughout the turbine engine community, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, DARPA, DOE, FAA, engine and aircraft manufacturers, material and component suppliers, and academia.  Over three days of technical presentations, supported by relevant hardware displays, will underscore the United States' commitment to advance the state of the art in gas turbine engine technology.  The audience is limited to US Citizens only via DD2345.

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general session

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Dale Carlson
Dr. Dale Carlson, Technical Advisor, Propulsion, Engineering Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

Featured Speaker

Dr. Steve Walker
Dr. Steve Walker,
Deputy Director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Featured Speaker

Mr. Ralph Garcia
Mr. Ralph Garcia,
Director, Propulsion Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Materiel Command

Featured Speaker

Dr. Doug Blake
Dr. Doug Blake, Director, Aerospace Systems Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory

Featured Speaker

Mr. Ted Fecke
Mr. Ted Fecke,
Technical Adviser, Propulsion, Engineering Directorate, Aeronautical Systems Center

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