Exhibitor FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions from Exhibitors have been compiled here for your convenience.

If you have other questions about exhibiting, please contact the Exhibit Manager.

  1. How much does booth space cost?
    $2,300 per 10'x10' booth
  2. When are fees due?
    All fees are due upon submittal of application.
  3. What is included in my booth space rental?
    • Individualized exhibitor login with task listings
    • Attendee networking functions in the Exhibit Hall
    • Company/Organization listing on Website and exhibitor prospectus
    • Listing on interactive Exhibit Hall Layout with links to Company/Organization website
    • Company/Organization listed in Final Program
    • Two (2) exhibitor staff badges per each 10' x 10'
    • Exhibition Security
    • Standard 8-foot back drape and 3-foot side drape
    • Exhibitor Service Manual
  4. When is exhibitor move-in?
    Exhibitor move-in will be on Sunday, September 11 from 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM.
  5. How many registrations come with my booth?
    Unfortunately, there are no Attendee registrations that come with the booth. If you want a staff member to be able to attend any sessions, they will need to sign up under the Attendee registration link.
  6. How many staff members can I sign up for my booth?
    You can have 2 staff badges per each 10' x 10' booth occupied. This number does not include any staff members who are also signed up as an attendee.
  7. What is my deadline to register my exhibit staff members?
    The deadline to register exhibit staff members is one week before the start of the conference.
  8. What if I have more staff members than the limit? How do I pay for them?
    Any additional exhibitor staff badges will be charged $200 each.
  9. I already submitted my staff members but need to cancel someone. How do I do that?
    If you need to cancel a staff member registration or update info to one that has already been submitted, you can email and changes will be made and the list will be updated.
  10. How do I make changes to my list of exhibit booth staff members?
    It can take up to 5 business days for staff members to be processed once they are submitted. If you still don’t see the name(s) after 5 days, please email .
  11. Why can’t I select a POC?
    This may be because the names you have submitted as staff members have not yet been processed. Wait until these names show up under your login, and then you will be able to select a POC.
  12. I need to order furniture for my booth. Who do I contact?
    Anything you may need for your booth is coordinated by Tradeshow Services. All order forms are located in the exhibitor service kit that is posted under the exhibitor link, as well as under the exhibitor login.
  13. I have shipping questions. Who do I ask?
    Tradeshow Services will coordinate all shipping for this show. This information is listed in your exhibitor service kit. If you have further questions, you can call Tradeshow Services at the info listed in the kit.
  14. Will there be internet access available?
    Free public wifi with advertising is available. Regular wifi and/or wired connections are available for purchase through the service kit.
  15. What events are available to sponsor and how do I sign up?
    A variety of sponsorship packages are available at the show and will help you to maximize your exposure at the event. For a full listing of sponsorship packages and details, visit the website Sponsor page. Questions may be directed to .


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