Tentative Call for Abstract Workshop Topics

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Topic Description
High Speed Turbine-Based Propulsion The design and testing of turbine engines above Mach 2. Discussion may include inlets, exhausts, overall flowpath integration as well as unique challenges and technologies associated with combined cycle concepts.

Approaches to Mitigating Practical Limits to Axial Compressor Design

Discussion of axial compressor design, aerodynamics, performance, and applications. Special emphasis on overcoming obstacles to current state of the art performance.
Advances in Physics-Based Design Systems for Turbomachinery Discussion of the latest physics-based computational approaches used in the design of modern turbomachinery.
Battlespace Fuels: Criticality and Impacts to Advanced Propulsion Developments in the area of aerospace fuels addressing performance and logistics challenges for gas turbine and spark ignition engines.
Pressure Gain and Other Novel Combustion Concepts Design, analysis, and testing of concepts meant to advance the state of the art in pressure gain combustion.

Mechanical System Technologies for Improved Performance and Durability

Discussion of bearing, seals, lubrication, and/or prognostic health management technologies that improve the performance and durability of mechanical systems in gas turbine and internal combustion engines.
Innovative Propulsion Concepts Novel thermodynamic cycles and other unique propulsion concepts designed to overcome the performance limits of traditional Brayton, Otto, and Diesel cycle-based engines.
Additive Manufacturing Challenges and Opportunities for Turbine Engines Challenges and opportunities for additive manufacturing technology with respect to turbine engine development, production, and sustainment.
Digital Thread/Digital Twin Implications for Turbine Engine Manufacturing and Sustainment Application and implications of the digital thread/digital twin concept for turbine engine manufacturing and sustainment.
Targeted Life Engines for Low-Cost and Revolutionary Concepts Discussion of developments in the area of design-to-life systems, and how to fill out design requirements, rules/tools, materials, and revolutionary architectures for small engines ranging from short-life, expendable applications to 2000 hours for ISR UAS applications.
Turbine Engine Instrumentation Advances for More Effective R&D Testing Discussion of new sensing techniques that address measurement gaps, support engine performance and design model validation, augment traditional instrumentation, or offer new measurement possibilities for experimental or operational engines.
Targeted Life Systems Discussion of developments in the area of design-to-life systems, especially short-life and expendable applications.
Hybrid Electric Propulsion Power and Thermal Discussion of hybrid electric propulsion, power and thermal management concepts and applications.
Modeling and Simulation-Based Trade Space Analysis for Aircraft Subsystems Modeling and simulation focused analysis of the operating trade space for aircraft subsystems including environmental control systems, aircraft and engine thermal management, and engine and airframe lifecycle management.
System Engineering for Advanced Aircraft Subsystem Design Systems engineering based approaches to aircraft subsystem design focused on optimization of overall performance, weight, volume and cost.
High Power Podded Propulsion, Power, and Thermal for Aircraft The design, analysis, and employment of externally mounted pods for propulsion, power, and thermal management of aircraft.
Integrated Propulsion, Power, and Thermal Control to Optimize Air Vehicle Energy Management Holistic approaches to integrated propulsion, power, and thermal management for the optimization of air vehicle performance, operability, and availability.
Analytical and Experimental Exploration of Dynamic Energy Exchange between Propulsion, Power, and Thermal Management Systems Analytic and experimental analysis of energy transport and management between propulsion, power, and thermal management systems at the vehicle level.
Next Generation Intelligent Electrical Power Generation Systems for Aircraft Discussion of intelligent electrical power generation approaches for aircraft with wide variation in mission power requirements that may exhibit highly transient behavior.
Robust, High Performance Aircraft Thermal System Components The design and performance of high performance robust aircraft thermal management components such as air and vapor cycle systems and heat exchangers.
Benefits/Challenges of Alternative Actuation Technologies for Emerging/Future Aircraft Discussion of the pros and cons of alternative actuation technologies for future aircraft. Topics may include hydraulic and electrical approaches, as well as innovative concepts.
Airframe Propulsion Integration Topics should relate to the integration of turbine engines into an airframe. This includes - inlets, nozzles, inlet-engine integration, and distortion testing and analysis [from the aspect of distortion generators (swirl vane, pressure screens, inlets, etc) and/or operability, performance, and durability of the fan/compressor receiving the distortion.
Advances in Intelligent Active Controls Integrated with PHM and Propulsion Systems Discuss control law synthesis and analysis methods and control system architectures that provide the means for performance optimization and health management of integrated engine and subsystems on next generation aircraft.


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