Tentative Call for Abstract Workshop Topics

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  • High Speed Turbine-Based Propulsion
  • Advances in Physics-Based Design Systems for Turbomachinery
  • Battlespace Fuels and the National Jet Fuels Combustion Program
  • Pressure Gain Propulsion
  • Mechanical System Technologies for Improved Performance and Durability
  • Innovative Propulsion Concepts
  • Additive Manufacturing Challenges and Opportunities for Turbine Engines
  • Turbine Engine Instrumentation Advances for More Effective R&D Testing
  • Targeted Life Engines for Low Cost And Revolutionary Concepts
  • Advances in Intelligent Active Control Integrated with PHM and Propulsion Systems
  • Mesomorphing and Modeling of Manufactured Components
  • Structural Assessment Methods
  • M&S-based Trade Space Analysis for Aircraft Subsystems
  • Electrical Power Generating Systems and Integrated Dynamic Engine Power Extraction
  • Hybrid Electric Propulsion Power and Thermal
  • Integrated Propulsion, Power, and Thermal Control to Optimize Air Vehicle Energy Management
  • Next Generation Intelligent Electrical Power Generation Systems for Aircraft
  • Robust, high Performance Aircraft Thermal System Components
  • Benefits / Challenges of Alternative Actuation technologies for Emerging / Future Aircraft
  • Airframe Propulsion Integration
  • Developments in Experimental Facilities
  • Small Turbine Engine Developments
  • Advances in Turbine-Related Materials


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